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newsletter_PG_needs_U2.1Join the Committee
Being part of the committee is a great way to get involved in the local community and play your part in keeping this fantastic group going for years to come.

Members of the committee attend one meeting each term, to share ideas and keep an eye on finances etc. They’ve even been known to have a glass or two of wine… (shhh!)

Specific roles and responsibilities are…

Chair / Co-Chairs:

  • Liaise with Vicar about the hall
  • Organise Insurance
  • Recruit committee members and paid helper
  • Set term dates
  • Purchase materials, books and equipment
  • Structure the weekly sessions
  • Ensure general smooth running of the group
  • Delegate jobs
  • Maintain list of attendee names / details and all historical documentation / files
  • Marketing & Communications (facebook / blog / marketing materials)
  • Fundraising

Treasurer / Secretary:

  • Book-keeping
  • Pay helper and rent
  • Collect weekly payments
  • Run the bank account
  • Keep tabs on savings and outgoings
  • Fundraising

Art & craft co-ordinator:

  • Lead the craft sessions each week, or co-ordinate rota to ensure someone does it!
  • Keep the craft cupboard stocked and organised
  • Maintain a folder of ideas and activities

Music co-ordinator:

  • Lead the music sessions each week, or co-ordinate rota to ensure someone does it!
  • Invite musical guests to come along, introduce interactive activities, etc.


  • Attend committee meetings
  • Help out when and where required
  • Organise annual cleaning of toys and equipment

Please contact us  by email or when you see us at Playgroup if you would like to join the committee. We’d LOVE to have you!


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